Till The End

studio tall

Today is June 6, 2013. Seven years ago today is the last day in which I got up in the morning to head to a job. I was working for the San Diego Unified School District driving a truck delivering school lunches. It wasn’t a tough job and the hours and pay were pretty good and I only did it for one school year. Before that job there were always others like working at a book store, installation crew at a museum, a teacher’s supply store and the produce section at a grocery store which I learned how to pick out the best melons at that job. So today being my anniversary of deciding to go full time at the art gig reminds me of my very first paying job ever. The very first thing anyone ever paid me for was when I was 14 and the Foodmaker corporation ( now known as Jack In The Box ) paid me for illustrations.  You know when you get a job and if the business is large enough the boss usually gives you a training manual of some king with little drawings showing you how not to or how to properly do different task? That was me. Well not everywhere but at least in the 90’s through the mid 2000’s and you worked at a Jack In The Box restaurant while you were speedily flipping the edges of the pages of the manual never planning to read it, you were flipping past my hours of hard work. I was 14yrs old and they paid me $25.00 an hr. I did a bunch of drawings over a few weeks and It was a one time thing but I got paid way more than any of my friends did in whole year delivering newspapers.

So today I celebrate my 7 years as a full time artist. I’d like to say that something exciting happened today but that would just be a lie. Nothing exciting happens when you do art. You sit at home and draw pictures while all of your friends and family go to work so really there’s nobody to hang out with. Just you. Now I have a kid and we play around most of the day and actually that’s a ton of fun but it does get in the way of why I’m at home in the first place. I have to make a daily choice of, “Do I start a painting or do I play with this little girl tugging at me”? Lately I’ve been deciding to play. I have to adapt frequently to an ever changing schedule since she was born and I’m now revising this one so I can get more work done. So I didn’t have a party and no cigars and shots at the bar but I did do a dumb little sketch which I turned into the bare bones of what will be my next painting all while my daughter took an afternoon nap. The studio sat empty today and I worked at the dinner table so maybe I just won’t be working straight through a painting from start to finish in one day anymore and that’s ok as long as I can continue to work at home for another year. God willing I hope I continue this life till the end.

studio side


The little sketch idea for the next piece
The little sketch idea for the next piece
My daughter pretending to paint with the final drawing.
My daughter pretending to paint with the final drawing.



2 thoughts on “Till The End

  1. Love that photo – she takes it really seriously, no? Wishing you luck – your art is impressive and now I know what’s missing near my writing desk – a punch bag! Good luck from someone contemplating going back out to work after 5 years (see my latest blog).

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