Matching Soles

shoesJust a little over a year ago I was in the Vans store looking for some shoes when I saw a pair of little Hello Kitty slip-ons that I thought would be great for my daughter. The only problem was she was only 4 months old or so and they didn’t have any that would fit her for another few months. Oh well, no big deal and plus the shoes would look better if she was walking around and my daughter was not even close to that. So then I thought, “I’ll buy them for when she’s walking”. The problem with that idea is as a first time parent I had no idea when that was. I knew it was somewhere between that exact moment and 25 years old. I asked the girl wiping the shelf next to me but she was just as puzzled as I was. I walked outside and saw a mom with kids and I asked her and she said, “Oh honey it depends, about a year old. Sometimes earlier and sometimes later.” She then began to tell me the most un-initeresting stories about each of her 3 kids learning to walk. She was polite to me so I listened politely to her stories. I went back in the store got a size for my daughter then asked, “Sorry, do you have these in my size?” A bit puzzled the cute and waify clerk told me she’d check for me.

My daughter is now a year and a half old and has been walking for quite a while now. For the past few months I would try her shoes on her and they would just slip right off. Too small. Time and time again, too small. Today though was different. Today we had our Cinderella moment. Today that tiny little shoe fit. Excitedly I grabbed my pair and put them on and walked out to show my daughter that we matched. She looked at my shoes, down at her shoes and then back at my shoes. She was quite pleased and so was I. Maybe I might look silly wearing a pair of Hello Kitty shoes and especially a pair matching the small girl standing at my side but who cares. My daughter isn’t always going to be excited to see me wearing the same thing or even something slightly similar to her’s but for now she is. Until the time she becomes embarrassed of me I will do a countless amount of dumb things to make her smile. So if you see an adult male walking around town with a black t-shirt, pair of shorts, hat and a pair of Hello Kitty slip-on’s it’s probably me.

tryon lookup laying side by side

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