Back In The Swing

hand painting

So my last post was about how even though I have incurred an injury to my hand I’m going to forge ahead and start painting again. Wow! Soooo not an easy process and takes a lot of ice to bring down the swelling. It hurts a lot to paint. In fact it hurts a lot to tie my shoes, change diapers, do laundry, dress my child, prepare meals, vacuum ; Wait a second. This sentence is starting to sound like a complaint from a 1950’s well to do stay at home mother which sometimes dabbles in a fun but freeing art class at the local rec center. “Waaah Waaaah you’re such a big baby. Some people have real problems”, many people emailed me. The only reason I keep mentioning my hand is because to me it is a real problem. After all, I do draw and paint for a living. So what some may see as my stupid problem to most is a very big problem to me. I pay bills and help feed my family with this paw of mine.  Ok, Ok, you get it by now my hand hurts, so I’ll get on with it.

Well I last showed you two panels that I got ready to do some drawing / painting on and I did. I’m so happy. Happy doesn’t accurately describe it, it’s more of a feeling of elation. I felt free. Not so much free from the pain or free from the injury because it’s obviously still there but finishing something really frees you up. I finished three pieces with my hand all taped up, a way that I’ve never painted before but I believe I still produced what it is that I do. There’s lots of talk about surgery on my hand but I’m trying not to pay any attention to that. It may sound silly to most people and I understand, but as long as I can remember holding a pencil or pen and just drawing stupid things day to day has always gotten me by. Whether I was happy or sad I drew pictures. For the past year and an half staying at home learning to to raise a daughter, I put my thoughts and feelings into my drawings and paintings. It empties my mind and somehow at the same time fills my soul. So for now I fight on to remedy this problem through simple stretching and icing and I hope If one day it does come down to surgery, I hope the surgeon is brilliant and has had a good nights sleep. I may be 36 years old now, but when I’m drawing and painting I’m forever 10.

almost done

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