Trying To Get Back In The Swing

So thanks to everyone that has wished me well on the recovery of my hand. On Tuesday I went to the orthopedist and we discussed all the blah blah of how my hand is and to really get a good look at my range of movement etc. This is how my range of movement is going at this time. My pinky and ring finger and thumb awesome. Middle finger and index can bend but not even close to all the way to make a fist or anything. Being a right handed artist for a living and injuring my only talented hand is not cool. The real crappy thing is that the two fingers that are still painful to move after injuring them over a month ago are the two fingers (along with the thumb) that I hold a pencil and brush with. These fingers are my buddies and together we make a great team but they don’t seem to want to be a team anymore. I feel like they’re trying to break up the band. If they don’t want to be a part of this team anymore I don’t care. I signed these fingers of mine to a long contract and I intend for them to stick it out. So with my hand in a brace I I’m going to try to push on. I laid out two new panels and prepped them all up ready to painted. My hand was clearly objecting to this idea with every stroke of the paintbrush but after I explained to them that this is not just something I want to do but something I need to do, they understood. They still whined and bitched but they were good sports and happy to get a good icing down after. I haven’t told them yet that in the next day or two I’m going to be using them a lot to draw and paint stuff on these panels. Oh man, are they going to be mad.


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