I’m redoing my whole blog because of some complications.

handsFor those of you that have followed my blog since 2010 you’ve seen all the past junk, but some of it I’ll possibly post again in the future, but for now it’s a new start. There were a few complications with the last blog so I got rid of it. I was informed that I was one of hundreds of thousands that was unlucky enough to have my old blog hacked on a specific day. I deleted the old blog and instead of running my own thing I’m now just blogging with a safer solution. I was not a good webmaster considering I had no clue what I was doing. So I’m starting all over again. My first and most important art news of 2013 is MY GIANT HAND. I can’t paint right now! I moved into a new house recently (well new to me anyhow) and moving into a new place requires updates. While updating what will be my studio I was tearing down some things that I didn’t want and I felt were in the way. During the process the power tool I was using got stuck in the wood and began to spin itself. Since I was holding the tool of course my hand gets spun as well and just thrashed my hand. I’ve torn the tendons in this hand previously years back so what could’ve just been a sore hand turned out to be a huge swollen one. Therefore, the difference in my two hands looks like this. Once I’m all healed up I’ll get back to drawing and painting after all it’s only been 2 weeks but gosh darn it, it’s driving me nuts. Tying my shoes is damn near impossible so I thank the heavens for slip on shoes, changing diapers was somewhat of a chore in the past but now just painful. So for now I’ll probably just post some non art related stuff. If you want to see some paintings check out the gallery page and scroll down through the work. Thanks for sticking with me and assure you there will be a lot more painting in the near future.

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